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Leo New Moon Musings

Anna Toonk

Leo season is here and not a moment too soon. Cancer season was a real emotional soup huh? I've been thinking a lot about the balance of the self and social contracts. How do we take care of ourselves, not be totally selfish, and show up for others? My birthday was last Friday and it was kind of a weird one. Not gonna lie. I felt really inundated with people being well meaning but pretty selfish. It was a smidge of a bummer but really what was tough was trying to figure out what the message was. It did feel somewhat confrontational. A big ole YOU NEED TO LOOK AT THIS. I definitely want people to do right by themselves, but where's the line? I'm seeing I have to redefine my own boundaries and claim the spotlight when I truly want it. It's uncomfortable. It makes me squirmy. I just want to kind of lurk behind and watch things play out but that's also how you get lost in the shuffle and end up resentful. 

Leo is my 5th house, pursuits of pleasure. It's what we do for fun, and I'm having my nodal return so I'm sitting here a lil nervous excited about what's about to go down. It's like the stage is being prepped I just have to be willing to step on to it. I've been doing all kinds of work looking at my relationship with my body, movement, pursuits of pleasure, and the senses. Looks like maybe I may have been prepping for the celestial events to come? Who knows. I'm going to just try to ride the wave as it all goes down. 

In the meantime I made a playlist inspired by the sexy, it's a-ok to shine Leo vibes. We should all be brave lions this season and just see what happens...we might have fun.