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What is tarot?

In it's simplest form tarot is 78 cards divided into the Majors and Minors and it's a tool for self reflection and discovery. The lens I work with it through is one of self acceptance to help you achieve what you desire. 

Can you tell me my future? 

Probably not. Tarot itself is not predictive. It's making a prediction based on patterns. We always have free will so not loving the outcome? You can probably change it, and I can tell you how. My readings are a blend of card theory, literally what the cards mean, and intuitive channeling. This is information that's in your best and highest. It doesn't always make a ton of sense but it's what you are supposed to hear. 

How do I book and where do you read out of? 

Wanna book for yourself go here

Purchase a Gift Certificate ( aw you're nice) go here as well 

Interested in hosting a private workshop or having tarot reading at an event? Amazing I love that, you can contact me at directly for pricing and details. Events, private parties, workshops all that start at $200 per hour. 

I read out of Medicine Space in Union Square. I am also very into phone readings. Energy doesn't know boundaries so remote readings are just as powerful as in person.