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What's the fine print with appointments? 

A few notes...

1. You are not booked until you have received a confirmation 

2. I get that people run late, I do all the time however this will shorten the length of your session. Your session is the length you booked, the clock starts at the appointment time not when you arrive. 

3. Life happens you have to move your reading, no problem. You should be able to move it with your appointment confirmation, if it's less than 24 hours contact me directly. 

4. You want to cancel your appointment, totally cool, however I do not offer refunds so better to hold off than book if you are unsure. Have questions reach out, happy to answer them for you. 

Events Policies? 

I love them! My general rules are:

1. More than 30 guests who may want readings I suggest having (2) readers and I am happy to help with booking a second reader for you. 

2. I ask for a 50% upfront payment to secure the booking, the remaining balance after the event. 

3. 2 hour minimum, and 4 hour maximum 

4. Rates start at $150, for workshops with supplies those are an extra cost. 


Super open to them and would love to discuss any collaborations.